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MID (Measuring Instrument Directive)

Since 30 October 2006, all new types of water, gas, heat and electricity meters, used for legal metrology must be approved according to the EU-directive.

For data centre providers in the EU to be compliant, electricity meters used for customer billing must be MID certified.

The most common questions from colocation providers, answered by the local regulating authorities:

MID certified energy meters

DM001 energy meter

32A single phase

Compact energy meter for branch circuit level monitoring. The unit is only 1 DIN module wide and comes with built-in communication.

DM003 energy meter

80A three phase

Three phased meter which is ideal for monitoring an entire cage area or high capacity racks.

  • 32A direct measurement
  • 1 DIN module wide
  • Mbus communication
  • kWh, kW, A and more data
  • MID certified module B+D
  • Approved for customer billing
  • Documentation
  • 80A direct measurement
  • 4 DIN unit wide
  • Mbus, Modbus communication
  • kWh, kW, A and more data
  • MID certified module B+D
  • Approved for customer billing
  • Documentation
In-line meter In-line meter

Retrofit existing infrastructure

Our energy meters are also available in in-line versions for retrofit.

Easy to install solution for existing racks. The in-line meters are installed between the power outlet and the rack PDU. The in-line meters come as standard with CEE plug and bracket for mounting on cable tray. Custom brackets, cable length and plug type is available to meet customer specifications.

  • In-line meters can be installed by anyone.
  • Standard RJ45 patch cables are used to daisy-chain each meter.
  • MID certified and approved for customer billing.
  • Flex-CT for difficult retrofit scenarios

    PM001 panel meter RO001 rogowski coil

    Ideal for measuring existing installations with large or awkward shaped conductors or in places with limited access. The solution consists of a panel or DIN mount instrument and three Flex-CT coils (Rogowski principle). The Flex-CT coils are made of thermoplastic and measure only 8mm in diameter.

    • Panel mount or DIN rail mount instrument available
    • Safe and easy to mount in tight environments
    • Flex-CT coils only 8mm in diameter
    • Modbus communication
    • kWh, kW, A and more data
    • Documentation
    Invoicing screenshot

    Energy analytics software

    Our software solution is designed for energy analytics in colocation data centres



    Jesper Boyd Rudbeck

    Jesper Boyd Rudbeck


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    During his career, Jesper has gained a thorough knowledge of operating business-critical infrastructure and the importance of proper monitoring and reporting.


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